The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Rep. Kyle Kacal

District 12 (R-College Station)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
HB 21 Relating to authorizing patients with certain terminal illnesses to access certain investigational drugs, biological products, and devices that are in clinical trials. Effective immediately
HB 2507 Relating to a sales and use tax exemption for certain equipment used for digital audio broadcasting. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1148 Relating to the investment training requirement for certain municipal officers. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1146 Relating to persons who may operate a public water supply system. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2629 Relating to unauthorized persons at public or private institutions of higher education in this state and to trespass, damage, or defacement occurring on the grounds of those institutions; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty and creating offenses. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1934 Relating to the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 942 Relating to the storage of certain hazardous chemicals; transferring enforcement of certain reporting requirements, including the imposition of criminal, civil, and administrative penalties, from the Department of State Health Services to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty; reenacting a criminal offense. See remarks for effective date
HB 2813 Relating to health benefit plan coverage for ovarian cancer screening. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1094 Relating to workers' compensation death benefit eligibility for certain spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2809 Relating to the creation and operations of health care provider participation programs in certain counties. Effective immediately
HB 1874 Relating to the establishment of the Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council. Effective immediately
HB 2634 Relating to the construction manager-at-risk used by a governmental entity. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 158 Relating to the allocation and use of the proceeds from taxes imposed on the sale, storage, or use of sporting goods. Effective on 9/1/15

Pending Governor's Review

Bill Caption Last Action
HB 1926 Relating to the operations of a municipally owned utility or municipal power agency; affecting a provision that is subject to criminal penalties; providing authority to issue bonds. Senate Amendments Analysis distributed
HCR 142 Recalling H.B. No. 1926 from the Senate for further consideration. Filed with the Secretary of State
HB 2621 Relating to the board of trustees of the Blinn Junior College District. Effective on 9/1/15

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
HB 4144 Relating to civil liability of the board of directors of the Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District. 04/09/2015
HB 1147 Relating to the operation of all-terrain vehicles and recreational off-highway vehicles. 05/04/2015
HR 471 Recognizing February 12, 2015, as Texas Game Warden Day at the State Capitol. 02/19/2015
HR 3216 Honoring the Reverend E. Shaun Williams on his installation as pastor of Pleasant Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Waco. 05/31/2015
HR 3114 Congratulating the Bremond High School football team on winning the 2014 UIL 2A Division 2 state championship. 06/02/2015
HR 3643 Congratulating the McLennan Community College baseball team on winning the 2015 National Junior College Athletic Association Region V baseball tournament and advancing to the NJCAA Division I World Series finals. 06/03/2015
HR 3219 In memory of former Brazos County judge Arthur Randolph Sims. 06/01/2015
HR 543 Recognizing February 18, 2015, as West Day at the State Capitol. 02/20/2015
HR 1290 Recognizing the Texas A&M University Agricultural and Natural Resources Policy Internship Program and the Public Policy Internship Program and the interns for the 84th legislative session. 04/14/2015
HR 3230 Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Heart of Texas Council of Governments. 05/31/2015
HR 3113 Commemorating the ribbon cutting for the historic Bishop Joseph Gomez Building in Waco. 06/02/2015
HR 2679 Congratulating Tequila 512 on winning Best in Show at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 05/21/2015
HR 2393 Commemorating the 115th academic year of St. Mary's Catholic School in West. 05/07/2015
HR 2392 Commemorating the unveiling of an Official Texas Historical Marker at Long Branch Cemetery in Falls County. 05/14/2015
HR 1307 In memory of Larry Kelm of The Woodlands. 04/15/2015
HR 2659 Congratulating Ryan and Kaili Skrobarczyk of Hutto on the birth of their son, Connor Gene Skrobarczyk. 05/26/2015
HR 2658 Congratulating Judson and Terra Willett of Austin on the birth of their baby, Owen Townsend Willett. 05/26/2015
HR 3402 Commending Dr. Emma Y. Lee for her service to the city of Kosse. 06/03/2015
HR 3115 Congratulating the Mumford High School boys' basketball team on winning the 2014 UIL 1A Division 1 state championship. 06/02/2015
HB 1608 Relating to the fee charged by a county clerk for issuing noncertified copies of certain documents. 04/06/2015
HB 944 Relating to the authority of a person who is licensed to carry a handgun to openly carry the handgun; providing penalties. 03/02/2015
HR 602 Commending the KK125 Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. 03/06/2015
HR 762 In memory of Linda Marie Kacal of Pearland. 03/19/2015
HR 787 Congratulating the Allen Academy football team on winning the 2014 TCAL Six-Man Division 1 state championship. 03/20/2015
HR 825 Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Texas State Technical College. 03/23/2015
HR 1291 Congratulating Stephanie Simpson on her selection as a 2015 Woman of the Year candidate by the South Central Texas Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 03/26/2015
HB 2420 Relating to a franchise tax credit for wages paid to certain employees by certain new businesses located in small municipalities. 03/13/2015
HB 2471 Relating to the period during which breeder deer may be transferred for release. 03/13/2015
HB 2311 Relating to the failure to handle certain animals in accordance with rules of the Texas Animal Health Commission; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty. 05/07/2015
HB 2202 Relating to requirements for certain farm vehicles when operating on a highway. 05/06/2015
HB 3063 Relating to the compensation of the board of directors of the Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District. 03/23/2015
HR 1400 In memory of E. E. Allen Jr. 04/15/2015
HB 2513 Relating to the provision of automatic location identification and automatic tier two facility identification as part of the 9-1-1 system. 04/07/2015
HR 1408 In memory of Billy Pickard of College Station. 04/21/2015
HR 3235 Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Texas and the 2015 Juneteenth celebration in Limestone County. 06/01/2015
HB 3783 Relating to the prosecution of the criminal offense of obstructing a street, railroad crossing, or public highway. 04/29/2015
HB 3779 Relating to providing certain persons with resources for notifying the voter registrar of a death and related procedures. 05/13/2015
HB 215 Relating to waiving the fee for a fishing license for residents of this state who are at least 65 years of age. 05/14/2015
HR 58 Recognizing January 27, 2015, as Gratitude Initiative/GI Kids Day in Texas. 01/28/2015
HR 198 Recognizing February 4, 2015, as Waco Day at the State Capitol. 02/05/2015
HR 171 Recognizing February 4, 2015, as Bryan-College Station Day at the State Capitol. 02/05/2015
HR 276 Recognizing February 4, 2015, as Orange and Maroon Legislative Day at the State Capitol. 02/05/2015
HR 437 Commending Dale Edward Bush of College Station on his achievements as a business owner, sportsman, and bird-dog expert. 03/01/2015
HB 352 Relating to the drug testing of certain persons seeking benefits under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. 04/13/2015
HR 547 Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Texas A&M Forest Service. 02/20/2015
HR 458 Honoring the participants of the Chancellor's Student Advisory Council of The Texas A&M University System and welcoming them to the State Capitol. 03/01/2015
HB 2606 Relating to the movement of oil well servicing and drilling machinery on public highways; authorizing a fee. 05/13/2015
HR 1555 Recognizing March 25, 2015, as First Responder Legislative Day at the State Capitol. 03/26/2015
HB 1406 Relating to the liability of a political subdivision of this state for certain claims relating to land acquired by the political subdivision under certain circumstances. 04/28/2015
HB 29 Relating to the funding of certain activities related to the commercialization of emerging technologies. 04/02/2015
HB 1601 Relating to eligibility of certain school district employees for certification as a principal. 03/09/2015
HB 3339 Relating to the recovery of costs and fees in connection with certain eminent domain proceedings. 03/17/2015
HB 1900 Relating to the eligibility of land for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land. 05/20/2015
HB 2209 Relating to the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium. 03/13/2015
HB 1903 Relating to the distribution of funds to campuses in the Blinn Junior College District service area. 05/07/2015
HR 172 Commemorating the 2015 Texas Farm Bureau Leadership Conference. 01/29/2015
HB 1848 Relating to the perfection and priority of an agricultural lien on an agricultural crop. 04/22/2015
HB 2221 Relating to the procedures for municipal annexations. 05/14/2015
HB 1249 Relating to authorizing certain general infrastructure projects to be undertaken by economic development corporations. 04/30/2015
HB 1269 Relating to supplemental environmental projects implemented by certain local governments in lieu of administrative penalties assessed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. 05/11/2015
HR 2802 Commending Linda Christofilis for her years of service to the State of Texas. 05/23/2015
HB 2351 Relating to conflicts of interest and discrimination policies for an ethics or medical committee review of an advance directive. 05/14/2015
HB 1208 Relating to lender notice of default to contractors regarding certain construction loans or financing agreements for the improvement of real property and related procedures for suspending contractors' and subcontractors' performance. 05/04/2015
HB 3298 Relating to a study conducted by the Texas Water Development Board regarding the development of a market and conveyance network for water in this state. 05/18/2015
HB 3026 Relating to the permitting of crematories under the Texas Clean Air Act. 05/06/2015
HR 467 Commemorating the centennial of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. 02/19/2015
HJR 39 Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the appropriation of the net revenue received from the imposition of the state sales and use tax on sporting goods. 03/04/2015
HB 3077 Relating to funding for trauma facilities, emergency medical services, and emergency medical air transportation. 05/13/2015
HR 177 Recognizing February 25, 2015, as Pearland Day at the State Capitol. 02/20/2015

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