The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Senate committee

Last action

Effective immediately June 19, 2015


Action Date Acting Chamber
Effective immediately 06/19/2015 Texas House
Signed by the Governor 06/19/2015 Texas House
Sent to the Governor 06/01/2015 Texas House
Signed in the Senate 06/01/2015 Texas Senate
Signed in the House 06/01/2015 Texas House
Reported enrolled 05/31/2015 Texas House
House adopts conf. comm. report-reported 05/31/2015 Texas Senate
House adopts conference committee report 05/31/2015 Texas House
Point of order overruled 05/31/2015 Texas House
Senate adopts conf. comm. report-reported 05/31/2015 Texas House
Record vote 05/31/2015 Texas House
Senate adopts conference committee report 05/30/2015 Texas Senate
Senate adopts resolution to go outside bounds 05/30/2015 Texas Senate
Conf. Comm. Report distributed 05/30/2015 Texas House
Record vote 05/30/2015 Texas Senate
Conference committee report filed 05/29/2015 Texas Senate
House adopts resolution to go outside bounds 05/29/2015 Texas House
Senate appoints conferees-reported 05/29/2015 Texas House
Senate grants request for conf comm-reported 05/29/2015 Texas House
Senate appoints conferees 05/29/2015 Texas Senate
Senate grants request for conference comm. 05/29/2015 Texas Senate
House appoints conferees-reported 05/28/2015 Texas Senate
House requests conference committee-reported 05/28/2015 Texas Senate
House refuses to concur-reported 05/28/2015 Texas Senate
House appoints conferees 05/28/2015 Texas House
House requests conference committee 05/28/2015 Texas House
House refuses to concur in Senate amendments 05/28/2015 Texas House
Senate Amendments Analysis distributed 05/27/2015 Texas House
Senate Amendments distributed 05/27/2015 Texas House
Senate passage as amended reported 05/27/2015 Texas House
Co-sponsor authorized 05/27/2015 Texas Senate
Passed 05/26/2015 Texas Senate
Read 3rd time 05/26/2015 Texas Senate
Three day rule suspended 05/26/2015 Texas Senate
Read 2nd time & passed to 3rd reading 05/26/2015 Texas Senate
Vote recorded in Journal 05/26/2015 Texas Senate
Rules suspended-Regular order of business 05/26/2015 Texas Senate
Placed on intent calendar 05/26/2015 Texas Senate
Committee report printed and distributed 05/24/2015 Texas Senate
Reported favorably as substituted 05/24/2015 Texas Senate
Considered in public hearing 05/21/2015 Texas Senate
Left pending in committee 05/19/2015 Texas Senate
Testimony taken in committee 05/19/2015 Texas Senate
Scheduled for public hearing on . . . 05/19/2015 Texas Senate
Referred to Business & Commerce 05/11/2015 Texas Senate
Read first time 05/11/2015 Texas Senate
Statement(s) of vote recorded in Journal 05/07/2015 Texas House
Received from the House 05/07/2015 Texas Senate
Reported engrossed 05/07/2015 Texas House
Passed 05/07/2015 Texas House
Read 3rd time 05/07/2015 Texas House
Passed to engrossment as amended 05/06/2015 Texas House
Amended 05/06/2015 Texas House
Read 2nd time 05/06/2015 Texas House
Placed on General State Calendar 05/06/2015 Texas House
Considered in Calendars 05/01/2015 Texas House
Committee report sent to Calendars 04/07/2015 Texas House
Committee report distributed 04/07/2015 Texas House
Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator 04/06/2015 Texas House
Reported favorably w/o amendment(s) 04/01/2015 Texas House
Considered in public hearing 04/01/2015 Texas House
Left pending in committee 03/25/2015 Texas House
Testimony taken/registration(s) recorded in committee 03/25/2015 Texas House
Referred to Investments & Financial Services 02/25/2015 Texas House
Correction in referral 02/25/2015 Texas House
Referred to Appropriations 02/12/2015 Texas House
Read first time 02/12/2015 Texas House
Filed 12/10/2014 Texas House

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