The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Rep. Bryan Hughes

District 5 (R-Mineola)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
HB 1278 Relating to financial assistance paid to the survivors of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public employees killed in the line of duty. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2265 Relating to the designation of a portion of State Highway 154 in Wood and Hopkins Counties as the Sgt. Tanner Stone Higgins Memorial Highway. Effective immediately
HB 1306 Relating to the reimbursement of expenses incurred by court reporters in judicial districts composed of more than one county. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1080 Relating to the definition of a state judge for purposes of state driver's license and personal identification laws. Effective immediately
HCR 137 In memory of the Honorable Leo Berman of Tyler. Signed by the Governor
HB 1150 Relating to the sale of fireworks on and before certain holidays; affecting a provision subject to a criminal penalty. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 593 Relating to canine encounter training for peace officers. Effective on 9/1/15

Pending Governor's Review

Bill Caption Last Action
HB 4212 Relating to the creation of the Mineola Area Medical District; granting the authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting the power of eminent domain. Effective immediately

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
HB 3631 Relating to administration of a justice court technology fund in certain counties by a justice of the peace council. 03/19/2015
HR 167 In memory of James Wesley Utley of Mineola. 03/02/2015
HR 166 In memory of Imogene "Jean" Cobbs of Mineola. 03/02/2015
HB 1108 Relating to the determination of whether jurors in a criminal case have good cause for not performing their duties. 05/12/2015
HJR 83 Proposing a constitutional amendment requiring certain tax bills to be approved by two-thirds of all the members elected to each house of the legislature. 03/23/2015
HR 416 In memory of Howard Garrett of Emory. 03/01/2015
HR 424 In memory of Ted W. Rye Jr. of Quitman. 03/01/2015
HR 426 Congratulating Buster and Mary H. Walker of Mt. Pleasant on their 72nd wedding anniversary. 03/01/2015
HR 404 Congratulating Bill and Louise Elston of Mineola on their 70th wedding anniversary. 03/01/2015
HR 429 Congratulating Pete and Nickie Barnard of Daingerfield on their 50th wedding anniversary. 03/01/2015
HR 425 In memory of Dr. James Stewart Leeves of Naples. 03/01/2015
HR 421 In memory of Mary Alice Chaney of Frisco. 02/20/2015
HR 423 In memory of Clyde Brady of Quitman. 03/01/2015
HR 408 Congratulating Ed and Marabeth Russell of Winnsboro on their 60th wedding anniversary. 02/25/2015
HR 409 Congratulating Don and Billie Gilbreath of Mineola on their 50th wedding anniversary. 02/25/2015
HR 417 In memory of Robert "Doyle" Taylor of Winnsboro. 03/01/2015
HR 410 Congratulating Arthur and Bernice Boyd of Omaha on their 70th wedding anniversary. 03/01/2015
HR 420 In memory of former Mount Pleasant mayor William Clark Chambers. 03/01/2015
HR 412 Congratulating Johnnie and Jan Stone of Emory on their 50th wedding anniversary. 03/02/2015
HR 411 Congratulating Mack and Julia Johnson of Quitman on their 60th wedding anniversary. 03/02/2015
HR 405 Congratulating Jerry and Brenda Leighton of Point on their 50th wedding anniversary. 03/01/2015
HR 413 Congratulating Robert and Gay McGregor of Mount Pleasant on their 65th wedding anniversary. 03/02/2015
HR 427 In memory of Clifford H. Bartley of Lindale. 02/25/2015
HR 422 In memory of La Maurice Fomby of Mount Pleasant. 03/01/2015
HR 428 Congratulating Jack and Peggy Jones of Mineola on their 60th wedding anniversary. 03/01/2015
HR 414 Congratulating Jimmy and Gay Roy of Mount Pleasant on their 50th wedding anniversary. 03/01/2015
HR 419 In memory of Carrol Treadaway of Mineola. 03/02/2015
HR 415 In memory of Bill W. Morgan of Mineola. 03/01/2015
HB 1494 Relating to the filing by a court reporter of an official transcript of a court proceeding. 05/13/2015
HR 3449 Congratulating Texas singer and songwriter Kacey Musgraves on her achievements. 06/03/2015
HR 3452 Honoring Kenneth Threlkeld of Tyler for his 50 years in the insurance business and for his civic leadership. 06/03/2015
HR 3474 In memory of Bobbie Ray Hughes of Mineola. 06/03/2015
HR 3473 In memory of Billie Ruth Richardson of Gladewater. 06/03/2015
HR 3459 In memory of Jennifer Larned of Marshall. 06/03/2015
HR 3571 In memory of Mary Ann Rogers Carter. 06/03/2015
HR 3522 Honoring the Reverend Michael Kessler for his 27 years of service at Trinity Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant. 06/02/2015
HR 3521 Congratulating Pastor Tommy Oglesby on his 27 years of service with South Jefferson Baptist Church in Mount Pleasant. 06/02/2015
HR 3512 In memory of Henry "Pete" Coke of Mount Pleasant. 06/02/2015
HR 3523 In memory of Bess Wynell "Nell" Buice Barton. 06/03/2015
HR 3531 Congratulating Thomas Reginald Day Sr. and Billie Margaret McDonald Day on their 50th wedding anniversary. 06/03/2015
HR 3599 Commending Dr. Belinda Neal of Hideaway on her service as president of the Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association. 06/04/2015
HR 3461 In memory of Bill Lacy of Troup. 06/03/2015
HR 3208 Congratulating M. L. and Doris Wood of Lone Star on their 70th wedding anniversary. 06/01/2015
HR 2079 In memory of Estelle Parker of Pittsburg. 05/22/2015
HB 3626 Relating to the allocation of certain surplus state revenue for periodic reductions in the state sales tax rate. 03/19/2015
HR 407 Congratulating Charles and Beverly Tabor of Mineola on their 50th wedding anniversary. 02/26/2015
HR 3462 In memory of Paul Edward Glaske of Flint. 06/04/2015
HR 168 Honoring Joe Carlyle of Troup for his service as the 2014 president of the Texas Association of Builders. 02/20/2015
HR 651 In memory of Dr. David Howell McCarley of McKinney. 02/23/2015
HB 1746 Relating to the computation of taxable margin for purposes of the franchise tax by certain taxable entities. 03/12/2015
HB 2029 Relating to the time for qualification for elected office. 04/29/2015
HR 819 Congratulating Hilmar and Adeline Hartmann of Schertz on their 63rd wedding anniversary. 03/20/2015
HB 2437 Relating to the amount of emergency service fees for certain telecommunications providers. 03/13/2015
HB 2263 Relating to warrants or orders issued to obtain location information from wireless communications devices and to public access to law enforcement or prosecutor requests for certain related location or communication information. 04/29/2015
HB 3051 Relating to an exemption for attorneys from athlete agent registration. 03/24/2015
HB 3009 Relating to authorizing children of Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission employees to be employed by holders of licenses or permits issued by the commission. 04/27/2015
HB 2984 Relating to advance directives or health care or treatment decisions made by or on behalf of patients. 03/18/2015
HB 2889 Relating to the verification of citizenship of an applicant for voter registration. 05/11/2015
HB 3377 Relating to the service retirement annuity for certain members of the Judicial Retirement System of Texas Plan Two who resume service. 05/01/2015
HB 3563 Relating to settlement practices of insurers and prohibited conduct by insurance adjusters and public insurance adjusters. 03/20/2015
HB 3639 Relating to the limit on the rate of growth in appropriations and to the authority of the comptroller to reduce the state sales and use tax rates for designated periods. 03/19/2015
HB 3598 Relating to the applicability of the Private Real Property Rights Preservation Act to certain governmental actions. 03/19/2015
HB 3365 Relating to the compensation and benefits of presiding judges of administrative judicial regions. 05/11/2015
HB 3382 Relating to the compensation of associate judges appointed to hear Title IV-D cases or child protection cases. 05/11/2015
HB 3804 Relating to the regulation of certain health organizations certified by the Texas Medical Board; adding provisions subject to a criminal penalty. 05/11/2015
HB 3930 Relating to the provision of care and treatment to certain incapacitated persons. 03/23/2015
HB 4121 Relating to service plans and placements for children under the care of the Department of Family and Protective Services. 05/06/2015
HB 3695 Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of the residence homesteads of certain totally disabled veterans. 05/08/2015
HB 4095 Relating to repealing athlete agent certificate of registrations and regulations. 03/23/2015
HB 3662 Relating to recovery of damages, attorney's fees, and costs related to frivolous regulatory actions by state agencies. 05/18/2015
HB 4119 Relating to investigations of and procedures for reports of child abuse and neglect. 05/05/2015
HB 1685 Relating to the satisfaction of a condition of community supervision requiring performance of community service. 05/13/2015
HR 2083 In memory of Doris Bhael Clements of Hideaway. 05/23/2015
HR 2057 Congratulating Homer Jones on his induction into the Texas Black Sports Hall of Fame. 05/22/2015
HR 2060 Congratulating David Sheffield of Quitman on his designation as an Eighth Degree Black Belt Grand Master. 05/22/2015
HR 2080 Congratulating James and Brenda McClenny of Mineola on their 50th wedding anniversary. 05/23/2015
HR 2053 In memory of Odessa Davis Yeager. 05/23/2015
HR 2076 Congratulating Clidell Elliott of Troup on her 100th birthday. 05/22/2015
HR 2058 Congratulating Marcus Hill of Watauga on his receipt of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership. 05/22/2015
HR 2071 Congratulating Ed and Anne Watts of Lindale on their 50th wedding anniversary. 05/22/2015
HR 2065 Congratulating Grady Jones of Hughes Springs on his 95th birthday. 05/22/2015
HR 2067 Congratulating Claude and Mary Cutrell of Daingerfield on their 50th wedding anniversary. 05/22/2015
HR 2054 In memory of Cynthia Ann French of Mineola. 05/22/2015
HR 2063 In memory of Thomas Sharpe Wilmeth of Daingerfield. 05/22/2015
HR 2066 Congratulating Gaylon and Jean Moore of Scroggins on their 50th wedding anniversary. 05/22/2015
HR 2052 Congratulating U.S. district judge Leonard Davis on his retirement. 05/22/2015
HR 2062 Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the First United Methodist Church building in Troup. 05/22/2015
HR 2056 In memory of Paul N. Foster of Alba. 05/22/2015
HR 1938 Recognizing Sean Carter of WhenSeanSpeaks, Inc., for his work in focusing attention on drunk driving and helping its victims. 05/12/2015
HR 1914 In memory of LaVeta Duncan Curry of Dallas. 05/12/2015
HR 1910 In memory of Jimmie Lou Robinson of Mineola. 05/12/2015
HR 1915 In memory of Alvin Clayton Welborn of Mount Pleasant. 05/12/2015
HR 1865 Congratulating Jim and Linda Parker on their 50th wedding anniversary. 04/10/2015
HR 1911 In memory of Joanne Russell Williams of Mineola. 05/12/2015
HR 1908 In memory of Eugene Mallory of Mineola. 05/12/2015
HR 1912 Congratulating Elizabeth Williams of Rains County on her 100th birthday. 05/12/2015
HR 1916 In memory of Orvil Glyn Briggs of Point. 05/12/2015
HR 1909 Commending the Honorable Alice Tomerlin for her service as justice of the peace for Precinct 1 of Wood County. 05/12/2015
HR 2055 In memory of William Robert Craddock of Winnsboro. 05/22/2015
HR 1913 Congratulating Arthur Skelton on his retirement from the Chapel Hill Independent School District. 05/12/2015
HR 2087 In memory of Edward Andrew Bennett Jr. of Holly Lake Ranch. 05/22/2015
HR 2413 Commemorating the 35th anniversary of Young Conservatives of Texas. 06/03/2015
HR 2812 In memory of James Oscar Dear of Mineola. 05/31/2015
HR 2814 Commemorating the 125th anniversary of Texas Heritage National Bank. 05/23/2015
HR 2813 Congratulating Justice Sam Griffith on his retirement from the 12th Court of Appeals. 05/23/2015
HR 2815 Congratulating Bessie Justiss Cason of Winnsboro on her 100th birthday. 05/23/2015
HR 2811 In memory of Albert Edward Baade Jr. of Tyler. 05/14/2015
HR 2816 Congratulating Chris Bookman and Dylan Walker of SnapBrothers Productions on their second consecutive Tongie award. 05/23/2015
HR 2817 Honoring Young Conservatives of Texas on the 35th anniversary of its founding. 05/14/2015
HR 2957 In memory of Albert Edward Baade Jr. of Tyler. 05/31/2015
HR 3211 In memory of Joe Earl Brunson of Winnsboro. 06/01/2015
HR 3207 Congratulating Ray and Marie Davis of Winnsboro on their 65th wedding anniversary. 06/01/2015
HR 3343 In memory of Donald Glen Banks of Mount Pleasant. 06/02/2015
HR 3342 In memory of Pauline Counts Hargrove of Mount Pleasant. 06/03/2015
HR 3346 Honoring Jose and Guadalupe Banda of Mount Pleasant on their 60th wedding anniversary. 06/02/2015
HR 3347 Congratulating David and Gloria Duncan of Mount Pleasant on their 50th wedding anniversary. 06/02/2015
HR 3210 In memory of Mary Lynn Hunt of Winnsboro. 06/01/2015
HR 3337 In memory of Robert Russell Dunavant. 06/03/2015
HR 3209 In memory of former State Representative Gayle Ingram of Quitman. 06/01/2015
HR 3340 In memory of Pauline Conner Wright of Baytown. 06/03/2015
HR 3345 In memory of Sue Roberts Steed of Mount Pleasant. 06/02/2015
HR 3305 Congratulating Jacky Mayfield on his induction into the East Texas Coaches Association Hall of Honor. 06/01/2015
HR 3306 In memory of the Reverend Lonnie Charles Bell Sr. of Pittsburg. 06/01/2015
HR 3304 Congratulating Wayland and Bobbie Voyles of Mineola on their 60th wedding anniversary. 06/01/2015
HR 3341 In memory of Frances Correne Henson Parker of Sulphur Springs. 06/02/2015
HR 3344 In memory of Raymond Luther Roy of Mount Pleasant. 06/03/2015
HR 3424 In memory of Janell Horton of Mount Pleasant. 06/01/2015
HR 3472 Commemorating the 175th anniversary of the John Wingate and Elizabeth Truitt Log Cabin. 06/04/2015
HR 3450 Congratulating Miranda Lambert on her four wins at the 2015 Academy of Country Music Awards. 06/03/2015
HR 3463 In memory of Lottie Ruth Turner Clariday of Mineola. 06/03/2015
HR 3453 In memory of Peggy Attaway Shelton Lunsford of Pittsburg, Texas. 06/03/2015
HR 3454 Congratulating David J. Maland of Tyler on his retirement as clerk of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. 06/03/2015
HR 3451 In memory of Mary Katherine Scott of Mineola. 06/03/2015
HR 3464 In memory of Nellie Plumley of Lindale. 06/03/2015
HR 3455 In memory of Marion T. Pearson. 06/03/2015
HR 3458 In memory of Mary Jo Walker of Mount Pleasant. 06/03/2015
HR 3456 In memory of Daniel E. Banda of Mount Pleasant. 06/03/2015
HR 3022 In memory of musician Johnny Gimble of Dripping Springs. 05/31/2015
HR 3215 In memory of Douglas Gaylon White of Harleton. 06/01/2015
HB 3499 Relating to the labeling of genetically modified food; authorizing a civil penalty. 03/18/2015
HR 3168 In memory of Clifford Charles Baker Jr. of Tyler. 06/02/2015
HB 1109 Relating to the adoption of the Compact for a Balanced Budget. 05/08/2015
HR 2 Providing for the election of the speaker of the house. 01/13/2015
HR 464 Recognizing February 24, 2015, as East Texas Coalition Day at the Capitol. 02/27/2015
HB 2933 Relating to retirement benefits for certain peace officers who are members of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, including the creation of a peace officer supplemental retirement fund. 03/30/2015
HR 569 Recognizing the 2015 Bob Bullock Scholars of Baylor University and commending all those associated with the program for their contributions to this state's governmental process. 03/06/2015
HB 3698 Relating to nonbinding dispute resolution proceedings conducted by religious organizations or authorities. 04/14/2015
HB 2600 Relating to the regulation of food production and sales operations by a home food processor; requiring an occupational permit; authorizing a fee and an administrative penalty. 03/16/2015
HB 524 Relating to a suit for possession of or access to a child by a grandparent. 04/22/2015
HR 187 Honoring Congressman Ralph M. Hall for his service. 03/01/2015
HB 1435 Relating to health plan and health benefit plan coverage for abortions. 03/19/2015
HB 3341 Relating to a requirement that school district superintendents report information relating to the use of restraints against students and student arrests; creating a criminal offense. 05/12/2015
HR 100 In memory of Julia Alexandra Bass, former journal clerk of the Texas House of Representatives. 05/08/2015
HB 512 Relating to waiver of immunity in certain employment discrimination actions in connection with a workers' compensation claim. 05/05/2015
HR 160 Congratulating the Baylor University football team for its outstanding 2014-2015 season. 02/20/2015
HB 2919 Relating to an energy efficiency pilot program for state-owned buildings operated by the Texas Facilities Commission. 05/25/2015

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