The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Rep. John Wray

District 10 (R-Waxahachie)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
HB 1187 Relating to the designation of a segment of U.S. Highway 287 in Midlothian as the Chris Kyle Memorial Highway. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1051 Relating to the creation of a campus of the Texas State Technical College System in Ellis County. Effective immediately
HB 2419 Relating to the relationship between the Estates Code and the former Texas Probate Code. See remarks for effective date
HB 2706 Relating to the value of personal property exempt from seizure by creditors. Effective on 9/1/15
HCR 85 Directing the governor of the State of Texas to posthumously award the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor to Chief Petty Officer Christopher Scott Kyle. Signed by the Governor
HB 2428 Relating to the adoption of the Texas Uniform Disclaimer of Property Interests Act. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2598 Relating to the consideration of steel slag as solid waste by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1905 Relating to certain state and local taxes, including ad valorem taxes, and to the repeal of certain of those taxes. See remarks for effective date
HB 3074 Relating to the provision of artificially administered nutrition and hydration and life-sustaining treatment. Effective on 9/1/15

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
HB 1029 Relating to trusts. 05/05/2015
HR 229 Recognizing February 3, 2015, as Cedar Creek Lake Area Day at the State Capitol. 02/04/2015
HB 2705 Relating to the value of property that may be transferred to a custodian or other person for the benefit of a minor under certain circumstances. 03/16/2015
HR 943 Commending the members of the Ellis County Sheriff's Office Explorer Post 106 on their performance at the 2013 Texas Law Enforcement Explorer Advisors Association state competition. 03/24/2015
HB 2418 Relating to decedents' estates. 03/13/2015
HB 2460 Relating to allowing certain counties to regulate the land application of certain sewage sludge. 05/05/2015
HB 2212 Relating to the repeal of certain state taxes; adding provisions subject to a criminal penalty. 05/14/2015
HB 2211 Relating to agreed venue selection in civil actions. 03/13/2015
HB 2248 Relating to the land application of sewage sludge in certain counties. 05/05/2015
HR 1195 In memory of Don F. Essary of Ennis. 03/27/2015
HB 3918 Relating to private activity bonds. 04/08/2015
HB 3923 Relating to the computation of cost of goods sold for purposes of the franchise tax by taxable entities that transport ready-mixed concrete; adding a provision subject to a criminal penalty. 05/13/2015
HB 4039 Relating to mixed beverage taxes; repealing a tax; increasing the rate of a tax. 03/23/2015
HB 3915 Relating to the assessment of damages in condemnation proceedings regarding high speed rail companies. 04/13/2015
HB 1245 Relating to changing the eligibility of inmates convicted of certain intoxication offenses for release on parole or mandatory supervision and to a biennial study regarding prevention of intoxication offenses. 05/11/2015
HB 1301 Relating to the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to adopt rules prohibiting the use of an on-site sewage disposal system with an absorptive effluent disposal system. 03/05/2015
HR 500 Congratulating the Ennis High School football team on winning the 2014 UIL 5A Division 2 state championship. 03/17/2015
HR 504 Recognizing Leadership Waxahachie. 02/25/2015
HR 517 Recognizing February 17, 2015, as Justices of the Peace and Constables Day at the State Capitol. 02/20/2015
HR 502 Honoring Dinah Weable of Waxahachie for her 22 years of service as constituent director for Texas House District 10. 02/25/2015
HR 523 Recognizing members of Leadership Midlothian. 02/20/2015
HB 1358 Relating to a presumption that applies to certain conduct involving certain controlled substances that endangers a child. 04/29/2015
HB 916 Relating to the governing board of the Trinity Valley Community College District. 05/05/2015
HB 2112 Relating to the valuation used to compute the sales and use tax imposed on the sale of certain motor vehicles. 04/24/2015
HB 460 Relating to the issuance of a search warrant for taking a blood specimen from certain persons suspected of committing certain intoxication offenses. 05/14/2015
HB 1743 Relating to the use of a credit or charge card by certain state agencies to make certain purchases. 05/11/2015
HB 1889 Relating to the authorization of the construction of an electric railway on or across a street, alley, square, or property of a county or municipality. 04/23/2015
HB 1935 Relating to additional state aid for tax reduction provided to certain school districts for one additional school year. 05/13/2015
HCR 89 Urging Congress to repeal the health insurance tax. 05/08/2015
HB 2289 Relating to the security of the electric grid. 05/08/2015
HB 384 Relating to the authority of general-law municipalities to restrict sex offenders from child safety zones in the municipality. 02/12/2015
HB 1876 Relating to providing notification to certain legislators and county judges of certain applications or notices for an electric railway project. 04/23/2015
HR 276 Recognizing February 4, 2015, as Orange and Maroon Legislative Day at the State Capitol. 02/05/2015

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