The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Rep. Allen Fletcher

District 130 (R-Cypress)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
HB 1128 Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates for recipients of the Combat Action Badge, Medal, or Ribbon. Effective on 1/1/16
HB 121 Relating to an alternative means of payment of certain past due criminal fines and court costs. Effective immediately
HB 2152 Relating to the confidentiality of certain information concerning service members of the state military forces. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 3236 Relating to the extension of the portion of U.S. Highway 290 in Harris County designated as the Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 4099 Relating to the issuance of K9s4COPs specialty license plates. Effective on 1/1/16
HB 326 Relating to information provided by electronic means in support of the issuance of a search warrant. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1278 Relating to financial assistance paid to the survivors of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public employees killed in the line of duty. Effective on 9/1/15
HCR 70 Authorizing the State Preservation Board to approve and permit the construction of a monument at the state Capitol Complex, at a site outside the historic Capitol grounds, honoring veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Signed by the Governor
HB 483 Relating to the establishment and administration of a state bullion depository; authorizing fees. Effective immediately
HB 1061 Relating to the prosecution of the offense of interference with public duties. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2528 Relating to the authority of a water district to accept donations to fund certain economic development programs. Effective immediately
HB 1481 Relating to prohibiting the operation of an unmanned aircraft over certain facilities; creating a criminal offense. Effective on 9/1/15

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
HB 2266 Relating to the membership of the State Board of Dental Examiners. 03/13/2015
HB 113 Relating to prohibiting abortion that is based on the sex of the unborn child; creating an offense. 02/09/2015
HB 95 Relating to the exclusion of certain witnesses during a criminal proceeding. 04/08/2015
HB 126 Relating to parking placards for vehicles of persons with disabilities. 03/10/2015
HR 2021 In memory of Deputy Sheriff Jacob Rene Rayos of the Reeves County Sheriff's Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2020 In memory of Border Patrol Agent Tyler R. Robledo of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection. 04/30/2015
HR 2009 In memory of Deputy Sheriff Adam J. Davis of the Bell County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 1999 In memory of Deputy Sheriff Jesse Valdez III of the Harris County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HB 4211 Relating to the creation of the F.M. 2920/Becker Road Municipal Utility District of Harris County; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes. 05/24/2015
HR 3229 Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Los Carnales/La Familia Motorcycle Club. 05/31/2015
HR 3467 Suspending limitations on conference committee jurisdiction, S.B. No. 11. 06/03/2015
HR 3440 Congratulating Colton L. Buckley of Gatesville on the conclusion of his term as the student regent on the board of regents of The Texas A&M University System. 06/02/2015
HB 1513 Relating to the minimum size of a tract of land used to raise or keep bees in order for the tract to be eligible for appraisal for ad valorem tax purposes as qualified open-space land. 05/21/2015
HB 1313 Relating to ensuring the removal of the names of deceased persons from the jury wheel. 05/18/2015
HB 3239 Relating to the procedures applicable to the revocation of a person's release on parole or to mandatory supervision. 05/12/2015
HR 2015 In memory of Police Officer Robert Layden "Bobby" Hornsby of the Killeen Police Department. 04/30/2015
HB 3964 Relating to the consideration by employers of the consumer credit reports or other credit information of applicants for employment who are recently returned veterans. 04/22/2015
HB 3154 Relating to dental expert witness activity; providing penalties. 03/24/2015
HB 102 Relating to the creation of the offense of cargo theft. 05/08/2015
HB 123 Relating to excess undergraduate credit hours at public institutions of higher education. 02/25/2015
HB 117 Relating to the portion of designated tuition set aside to provide student financial assistance at institutions of higher education. 02/11/2015
HB 937 Relating to the carrying of handguns on the campuses of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty; creating a criminal offense. 05/07/2015
HB 1082 Relating to increasing the criminal penalty for the offense of obstructing a highway or other passageway. 05/13/2015
HB 1174 Relating to the types of medical professionals who may conduct an examination of certain school bus drivers. 04/28/2015
HB 1231 Relating to the membership of school district and open-enrollment charter school concussion oversight teams. 05/08/2015
HB 1211 Relating to the provision of medical care to inmates confined by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. 05/04/2015
HB 1243 Relating to the reinstatement of a firefighter or police officer following a decision rendered by the Fire Fighters' and Police Officers' Civil Service Commission or an independent third party hearing examiner. 04/14/2015
HB 1270 Relating to the authority of the Department of Agriculture to employ and commission peace officers as investigators. 03/11/2015
HB 1425 Relating to the amount of the fee paid by a defendant for a peace officer's services in executing or processing an arrest warrant, capias, or capias pro fine. 05/12/2015
HR 649 Recognizing March 4, 2015, as Texas Chiropractic Association Day at the Capitol. 03/05/2015
HB 2231 Relating to the service areas of certain junior college districts. 04/29/2015
HB 3007 Relating to the carrying of concealed handguns in a courthouse by certain court clerks. 03/23/2015
HB 3053 Relating to complaints against a law enforcement officer or fire fighter. 04/23/2015
HB 3016 Relating to fingerprints collected by the Texas Department of Public Safety from an applicant for a driver's license or personal identification certificate and used for the department's image verification system. 04/24/2015
HB 3112 Relating to a report to the Legislative Budget Board on the border security functions of certain state agencies. 04/14/2015
HB 3149 Relating to granting limited state law enforcement authority to special agents of the Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Homeland Security. 04/14/2015
HB 3209 Relating to the elimination of the statute of limitations for certain felony offenses. 04/29/2015
HB 3296 Relating to an increase in punishment for certain persons convicted of theft of nickel-bearing alloys. 04/14/2015
HR 1427 Recognizing the success of the Sanchez family and the Caboots boot company of El Paso. 04/13/2015
HB 3929 Relating to the use of automatic license plate reader systems; creating a criminal offense. 05/14/2015
HB 4051 Relating to the authority of a municipality to adopt requirements for the installation of fire protection sprinkler systems. 03/23/2015
HB 3935 Relating to funding law enforcement training for veterans from state and federal funds or grants. 05/14/2015
HB 3790 Relating to the electronic customer data that certain peace officers may obtain by warrant, order, or other legal process from a provider of a wire or electronic communications service or remote computing service or from a communication common carrier. 05/12/2015
HB 3763 Relating to the allocation of certain increases in state sales tax revenue due to transportation projects to the state highway fund through the use of economic impact zones established by the Texas Department of Transportation. 04/02/2015
HB 4089 Relating to a pilot project for complaints filed with certain state boards or agencies. 03/24/2015
HB 3769 Relating to the funding of certain transportation projects. 04/06/2015
HR 1212 Recognizing March 26, 2015, as K9s4COPS Day at the State Capitol. 03/26/2015
HB 4138 Relating to the territory included in, the composition of the board of directors of, and the powers of the Harris County Improvement District No. 17. 05/24/2015
HR 2003 In memory of Chief of Police Lee Dixon of the Little River-Academy Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 1996 In memory of Constable Martin Jennings "Popeye" Holmes of the Jefferson County Constable's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2008 In memory of Sergeant Investigator Fredrich Adam Sowders of the Burleson County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2002 In memory of Constable Cleveland Drew Johnson of the Titus County Constable's Office, Precinct 2. 04/30/2015
HR 1998 In memory of Constable Robert Parker White of the El Paso County Constable's Office, Precinct 1. 04/30/2015
HR 2018 In memory of Police Officer Larry Dale Candelari of the Pasadena Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2004 In memory of Sergeant Paul A. Buckles of the Potter County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2012 In memory of Deputy Sheriff Billy F. "Bubba" Kennedy Jr. of the Upton County Sheriff's Department. 04/30/2015
HR 1997 In memory of Sergeant Alejandro "Alex" Martinez of the Willacy County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2006 In memory of Police Officer Marc Uland Kelley of the Trinity University Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2011 In memory of Lieutenant Clay D. Crabb of the Austin Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2005 In memory of Detective Charles D. Dinwiddie of the Killeen Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 1995 In memory of Chief of Police Michael A. Pimentel of the Elmendorf Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2014 In memory of Sergeant Jorge Luis "JL" Garcia of the Pharr Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2010 In memory of Police Chief Steven K. Fleming of the Gainesville Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2017 In memory of Police Officer William Jason Sprague of the Texarkana Police Department. 04/30/2015
HR 2016 In memory of Sergeant Lance Allen "Lou" McLean of the Hood County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2019 In memory of Deputy Sheriff Chad Christian Key of the Grayson County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2000 In memory of Sergeant Michael Joe Naylor of the Midland County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2013 In memory of Deputy Sheriff Michael Neal Freeman of the Harrison County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2001 In memory of Senior Deputy Jessica Laura Hollis of the Travis County Sheriff's Office. 04/30/2015
HR 2007 In memory of Police Officer Robert C. Deckard Jr. of the San Antonio Police Department. 04/30/2015
HB 805 Relating to authorizing a license holder to carry a concealed handgun on certain premises. 04/14/2015
HB 1526 Relating to the construction of detention ponds by the Texas Department of Transportation. 05/08/2015
HB 512 Relating to waiver of immunity in certain employment discrimination actions in connection with a workers' compensation claim. 05/05/2015
HB 1758 Relating to the prosecution of the offense of obstruction or retaliation; creating a criminal offense. 05/06/2015
HB 4105 Relating to the issuance, enforcement, and recognition of marriage licenses and declarations of informal marriage. 05/12/2015
HB 623 Relating to the funding, issuing, and litigation of certain marriage licenses. 02/23/2015
HB 2379 Relating to the liability of first responders who provide roadside assistance. 05/14/2015
HB 1648 Relating to voluntary and informed consent to an abortion and prevention of coerced abortions; providing penalties; creating an offense. 04/29/2015
HB 1649 Relating to the transportation and storage of firearms and ammunition in private vehicles on the campuses of institutions of higher education. 05/11/2015
HB 150 Relating to daylight saving time. 05/08/2015
HB 106 Relating to the authority of a person who is licensed to carry a handgun to openly carry the handgun; providing penalties. 02/09/2015
HB 815 Relating to the prosecution of the offense of online solicitation of a minor. 03/25/2015
HJR 77 Applying to the Congress of the United States to call a convention under Article V of the United States Constitution for the limited purpose of proposing one or more amendments to the constitution to impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and to limit the terms of office of federal officials and members of Congress. 05/25/2015
HB 572 Relating to the sunset review of regional tollway authorities. 03/19/2015
HB 2440 Relating to transportation network companies; imposing and authorizing fees; requiring an occupational permit; authorizing a civil penalty. 05/04/2015

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