The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Banning texting while driving

Curated by Aman Batheja

While dozens of Texas cities have passed texting-while-driving bans over the past decade, efforts to pass a statewide ban have failed repeatedly. 2015 was no exception. 

State Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland, has been the most outspoken supporter of a statewide ban, and has tried year after year to pass legislation outlawing it. Most other states already have a statewide law on the books.

In Texas, it is currently illegal to use a mobile device in any capacity while driving in a school zone. Drivers under 18 are also barred from texting and driving. 

In the 2015 session, Craddick's House Bill 80 would have made it a misdemeanor statewide to use a portable wireless device for reading, writing or sending a text while driving. It passed the House easily in late March, but lacked the votes needed to bring it to the Senate floor ahead of a legislative deadline. 

Updated: June 10, 2015

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