The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Rep. Jeff Leach

District 67 (R-Plano)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
HB 207 Relating to creating the offense of voyeurism; providing a penalty. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2489 Relating to regulation by a property owners' association of residential leases or rental agreements. Effective immediately
HB 48 Relating to the creation of a commission to review convictions after exoneration and to prevent wrongful convictions. Effective immediately
HB 635 Relating to the disposition of fetal remains. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2612 Relating to a report to the legislature regarding the elimination of toll roads. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2049 Relating to indemnification and duties of engineers and architects under certain governmental contracts. Effective on 9/1/15

Pending Governor's Review

Bill Caption Last Action
HB 77 Relating to a study of the Dallas Men Against Abuse program and other activities in the Dallas community addressing family violence. Effective immediately
HB 603 Relating to civil and criminal liability for the unlawful disclosure or promotion of certain intimate visual material; creating an offense. Senate appoints conferees-reported

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
HB 3849 Relating to the liability of a person granting access to a gated community to a process server. 03/23/2015
HB 485 Relating to the availability on the Internet of personal financial statements filed by certain state officeholders. 02/12/2015
HB 241 Relating to substituted service of citation through a social media presence. 04/27/2015
HB 290 Relating to the constitutional limit on the rate of growth of appropriations and the use of surplus state revenues. 02/11/2015
HB 248 Relating to the state's burden of proof in a criminal asset forfeiture proceeding. 02/11/2015
HJR 45 Proposing a constitutional amendment concerning the limitation on the rate of growth in appropriations and the use of unencumbered surplus state revenues to provide for a rebate of state franchise taxes, to reduce public school district property taxes, and to fund the state's rainy day fund. 02/26/2015
HB 250 Relating to the phaseout and repeal of the franchise tax; lowering the rates of the tax. 02/11/2015
HB 249 Relating to the reporting of proceeds and property forfeited under criminal asset forfeiture proceedings. 05/18/2015
HB 204 Relating to the first day of instruction at a public school. 02/10/2015
HB 206 Relating to an exemption from the sales tax for firearms and hunting supplies for a limited period. 04/07/2015
HB 201 Relating to the procedure for action by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on an application for a water right. 02/12/2015
HB 208 Relating to the applicability of project design and construction requirements to economic development corporations created by governmental entities subject to those requirements. 05/04/2015
HB 203 Relating to the allocation of revenue derived from the taxes imposed on the sale, storage, or use of new and used motor vehicle tires and parts to the state highway fund and to the uses of that revenue. 03/19/2015
HB 205 Relating to the provision of human sexuality and family planning instruction in public schools. 02/10/2015
HB 562 Relating to the application of foreign laws and foreign forum selection in a proceeding involving marriage, a suit for dissolution of a marriage, or a suit affecting the parent-child relationship in this state. 05/14/2015
HB 869 Relating to a certificate of birth resulting in stillbirth. 04/24/2015
HB 1033 Relating to the placement of video cameras in self-contained classrooms providing special education services. 03/02/2015
HB 1030 Relating to money used by counties for the low-income vehicle repair assistance, retrofit, and accelerated vehicle retirement program and local initiative air quality projects. 03/02/2015
HB 1031 Relating to funding for certain roadway projects intended to improve or maintain air quality. 04/20/2015
HB 922 Relating to the authority of a person who is licensed to carry a handgun to openly carry the handgun; creating an offense; providing penalties. 02/25/2015
HR 871 Honoring members of the Collin County Young Republicans for their civic engagement. 03/24/2015
HR 870 Honoring members of the Collin County Conservative Republicans for their civic engagement. 03/23/2015
HR 869 Honoring the International Franchise Association. 03/23/2015
HR 895 Congratulating Collin County Sheriff Terry Box on his upcoming 2016 retirement. 06/04/2015
HB 2307 Relating to the allocation of certain surplus state revenue for periodic reductions in the state sales tax rate. 03/17/2015
HB 2310 Relating to electronic requests made to certain local governments for information under or regarding the open records law. 04/29/2015
HB 2234 Relating to the authority of a district clerk to post official and legal notices by electronic display. 05/01/2015
HB 2183 Relating to the adoption of the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. 03/17/2015
HB 3179 Relating to a study by the Texas Department of Transportation of the alignment for the proposed Regional Outer Loop project in certain counties. 03/23/2015
HB 2887 Relating to the definition of a "Navigable stream". 03/16/2015
HB 2596 Relating to the date by which certain protective order information must be entered by a local law enforcement agency into the statewide law enforcement information system. 05/18/2015
HR 1136 Honoring United States Congressman Sam Johnson on the 42nd anniversary of his homecoming from Vietnam. 03/24/2015
HB 3730 Relating to the creation of a committee to study adoption practices in this state. 03/24/2015
HB 3731 Relating to certain notices and information about certain releasees from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice that are provided to or made accessible to criminal justice agencies. 05/01/2015
HR 1549 Congratulating Dr. Brian Binggeli on his selection as superintendent of the Plano Independent School District. 04/22/2015
HR 1652 Congratulating the Plano West High School boys' basketball team on winning the 2015 UIL 6A state championship. 04/23/2015
HR 1837 Congratulating Captain Christopher D. Fox of Plano on his retirement from the U.S. Navy. 05/11/2015
HR 1839 In memory of Todd Andersen of Fulshear. 05/11/2015
HR 1840 Welcoming students from the Prestonwood Christian Academy Upper School to the State Capitol. 04/22/2015
HR 1962 Recognizing Richardson Republican Women. 05/25/2015
HR 2228 In memory of Jim Dunlap of Dallas. 05/26/2015
HR 2660 Congratulating Laura Bennett of Plano on her 100th birthday. 05/26/2015
HB 202 Relating to the allocation of certain motor vehicle sales, use, and rental tax revenue to the state highway fund and to the uses of that revenue. 03/18/2015
HB 3403 Relating to public school curriculum and textbooks. 03/17/2015
HR 122 Congratulating the Allen High School football team on winning the 2014 UIL 6A Division 1 state championship. 02/20/2015
HB 1194 Relating to authorizing the issuance of revenue bonds for capital projects at The University of Texas at Dallas. 03/03/2015
HR 455 Commending the 2014-2015 Student Leadership Advisory Council of House District 67. 03/17/2015
HB 1404 Relating to the creation of a committee to evaluate special education services in public schools. 03/09/2015
HR 535 Honoring Charles Christian for his service as House District 67 Republican Party caucus chair. 03/17/2015
HR 536 Honoring Ken Gagliano for his service as House District 67 Republican Party caucus chair. 03/17/2015
HR 538 Recognizing the African American Republican Club of Collin County for its civic engagement. 03/17/2015
HR 537 Congratulating Richard Matkin on his retirement as superintendent of the Plano Independent School District. 03/17/2015
HR 534 Congratulating Mike Brodie on his receipt of the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Realtors. 03/17/2015
HB 1405 Relating to the availability on the Internet of reports of political contributions or expenditures filed in connection with certain offices. 04/28/2015
HR 549 Recognizing CASA of Collin County for its service to area children in need. 03/17/2015
HR 550 Recognizing the Golden Corridor Republican Women. 03/17/2015
HR 552 Recognizing Plano Republican Women for civic engagement. 03/19/2015
HR 571 Commending Al Valente for his dedicated service as chair of the executive board of the Plano Chamber of Commerce. 03/17/2015
HR 569 Recognizing the 2015 Bob Bullock Scholars of Baylor University and commending all those associated with the program for their contributions to this state's governmental process. 03/06/2015
HB 1664 Relating to the authority of a school district to excuse from school attendance a student who is exempt from a final examination. 03/09/2015
HR 570 Honoring the Collin County Children's Advocacy Center for its commitment to protecting children. 03/17/2015
HR 1325 Congratulating Mike Hughes on his retirement as athletic director and head football coach at Plano West High School. 04/15/2015
HR 679 Honoring the Conner Harrington Republican Women of Plano for their contributions to the community. 03/23/2015
HR 676 Honoring Neal Katz for his service as executive director of the Collin County Republican Party. 03/23/2015
HB 1911 Relating to regulation of discrimination by political subdivisions and certain state agencies. 03/11/2015
HR 677 Congratulating George Flint on his election as chair of the Collin County GOP. 03/23/2015
HB 164 Relating to the authority of a person who is licensed to carry a handgun to openly carry the handgun; providing penalties. 02/09/2015
HB 712 Relating to an exemption from the sales tax for Firearms and Firearm supplies for a limited period. 04/07/2015
HB 1208 Relating to lender notice of default to contractors regarding certain construction loans or financing agreements for the improvement of real property and related procedures for suspending contractors' and subcontractors' performance. 05/04/2015
HB 2762 Relating to certain petitions prescribed by law outside the Election Code. 05/12/2015
HB 278 Relating to authorizing certain attorneys representing the state to openly carry a handgun. 05/13/2015
HB 94 Relating to a database of employers penalized for failure to pay wages or convicted of certain offenses involving wage theft. 05/20/2015
HR 1677 Recognizing March 31 and April 1, 2015, as Plano Legislative Days at the State Capitol. 04/30/2015
HJR 32 Proposing a constitutional amendment requiring a court of this state to uphold and apply certain laws, including the doctrine requiring courts to refrain from involvement in religious doctrinal interpretation or application. 04/16/2015
HB 1966 Relating to an account or bond for construction retainage under certain contracts. 05/12/2015
HR 160 Congratulating the Baylor University football team for its outstanding 2014-2015 season. 02/20/2015
HB 3977 Relating to increasing the penalty for causing injury to a child; changing the eligibility for community supervision. 05/18/2015
HB 670 Relating to the application of foreign laws and foreign forum selection in this state. 05/14/2015
HB 347 Relating to equal opportunity for access by home-schooled students to University Interscholastic League sponsored activities; authorizing a fee. 02/12/2015
HR 2948 Commending Dr. David E. Daniel on his service as president of The University of Texas at Dallas and congratulating him on his appointment as deputy chancellor and chief operating officer of The University of Texas System. 06/01/2015
HB 2565 Relating to the creation of a commission to review certain penal laws of this state. 05/14/2015
HB 794 Relating to a presumption regarding certain evidence of a prior conviction in a criminal proceeding. 05/12/2015
HB 1410 Relating to consideration of a bidder's principal place of business by public junior college districts in awarding certain contracts. 03/25/2015
HR 754 Recognizing March 2 and 3, 2015, as Collin County Days at the State Capitol. 03/09/2015
HR 2 Providing for the election of the speaker of the house. 01/13/2015
HB 1822 Relating to the creation of two family district courts in Collin County. 03/12/2015
HB 102 Relating to the creation of the offense of cargo theft. 05/08/2015
HR 2027 Recognizing May 2015 as Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. 05/07/2015
HB 3936 Relating to the eligibility of criminal defendants for an order of nondisclosure of criminal history record information; authorizing a fee. 05/07/2015
HB 95 Relating to the exclusion of certain witnesses during a criminal proceeding. 04/08/2015
HB 1318 Relating to the eligibility of presidential general election debates for distributions from a Major Events trust fund. 05/13/2015

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