The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Rep. Phil Stephenson

District 85 (R-Wharton)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
HB 3858 Relating to fees charged by the Coastal Bend Groundwater Conservation District. Effective immediately
HB 1707 Relating to the methods by which a political subdivision may submit contributions to the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1725 Relating to the composition of local boards of the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System. Effective immediately
HB 481 Relating to the designation of a segment of Farm-to-Market Road 1301 in Wharton County as the Master Sergeant Mike C. Pea Memorial Highway. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 658 Relating to the creation of a campus of the Texas State Technical College System in Fort Bend County. Effective immediately
HB 1665 Relating to notice of water level fluctuations to purchasers of real property adjoining an impoundment of water. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 2974 Relating to the systems and programs administered by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. Effective on 9/1/15

Pending Governor's Review

Bill Caption Last Action
HB 4141 Relating to the creation of the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 191; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes. Effective immediately
HB 4196 Relating to the powers and duties of the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 65 of Fort Bend County, Texas; providing authority to issue bonds payable from taxes. Effective immediately

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
HR 759 Congratulating Jerome Barta of Bonus on his 100th birthday. 03/23/2015
HR 96 Commemorating the posthumous presentation of the Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Master Sergeant Mike C. Pea of Newgulf. 03/02/2015
HCR 30 Supporting prayers, including the use of the word "God," at public gatherings, and displays of the Ten Commandments in public educational institutions and other government buildings. 04/22/2015
HB 292 Relating to authorizing development corporations to finance projects to support primary job training facilities and programs at certain educational institutions. 04/30/2015
HB 220 Relating to restrictions on the name of a general-purpose political committee; providing a criminal penalty. 03/23/2015
HB 221 Relating to the eligibility of a person to serve as a campaign treasurer of a general-purpose political committee. 04/13/2015
HCR 27 Urging the U.S. Congress to abolish the current income-based system of taxation and to enact a national retail sales tax, and urging repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment. 05/06/2015
HB 2972 Relating to notice concerning the availability to persons who transport agricultural products of an overweight vehicle permit. 03/16/2015
HB 3397 Relating to water intake requirements for the Lower Colorado River Authority. 04/22/2015
HB 3408 Relating to posting certain municipal financial information on the Internet. 05/13/2015
HB 3890 Relating to prohibiting benefits for same-sex spouses under a public retirement system. 03/23/2015
HR 1832 Recognizing April 21, 2015, as Jackson County Day at the State Capitol. 04/22/2015
HB 1708 Relating to tuition and fee exemptions for certain students enrolled in fire science courses at public institutions of higher education. 03/12/2015
HB 3399 Relating to franchise tax payments and reports. 05/07/2015
HB 472 Relating to the reporting and disposition of proceeds and property from criminal asset forfeiture. 05/04/2015
HR 577 Recognizing March 3, 2015, as Wharton County Day at the State Capitol. 03/17/2015
HB 2676 Relating to the regulation of money services businesses; affecting the prosecution of a criminal offense. 05/11/2015
HB 2730 Relating to the Thirteenth Court of Appeals District and to the creation of the Fifteenth Court of Appeals District; authorizing fees. 05/13/2015
HB 2548 Relating to the disposal of pesticides. 05/13/2015
HB 2530 Relating to the abolishment of the Wharton County child support office. 04/22/2015
HB 2877 Relating to peace officers who are members of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. 04/20/2015
HB 2911 Relating to establishment of statewide and local emergency communications grant programs and financing of state emergency communications. 04/28/2015
HB 4087 Relating to the treatment for ad valorem tax purposes of pollution control property. 05/11/2015
HB 3815 Relating to instruction in positive character traits in public schools. 04/28/2015
HB 3941 Relating to the creation of an additional family district court for Fort Bend County. 03/23/2015
HR 697 Recognizing February 25, 2015, as Fort Bend County Day at the State Capitol. 03/01/2015
HR 692 Honoring the Fort Bend Global Initiative for its contributions to Fort Bend County. 03/02/2015
HB 2597 Relating to the creation of a mental health treatment for incarceration diversion pilot program. 05/07/2015
HR 183 Commemorating the 100th anniversary of certified public accountancy as a licensed profession in Texas. 01/28/2015
HB 524 Relating to a suit for possession of or access to a child by a grandparent. 04/22/2015

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