The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Rep. Jonathan Stickland

District 92 (R-Bedford)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
HB 1150 Relating to the sale of fireworks on and before certain holidays; affecting a provision subject to a criminal penalty. Effective on 9/1/15
HB 1140 Relating to the confinement of pregnant prisoners in county jails. Effective on 9/1/15

Pending Governor's Review

Bill Caption Last Action
HB 549 Relating to certain duties of the Commission on Jail Standards regarding visitation periods for county jail prisoners. Effective on 9/1/15

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
HB 3916 Relating to water and electric utility services provided to certain federal agencies. 03/23/2015
HB 3909 Relating to the execution of an arrest or search warrant. 03/24/2015
HB 139 Relating to the posting of certain notices for political subdivisions on the comptroller's Internet website. 04/29/2015
HB 195 Relating to the carrying of handguns; providing for the open carrying of handguns; removing the requirement that a person who may lawfully possess handguns obtain a Concealed Handgun License in order to carry a handgun lawfully in the state of Texas, and conforming changes. 02/10/2015
HB 136 Relating to availability of professional liability insurance under a self-insurance trust for health care. 02/09/2015
HB 137 Relating to grants of appropriated money to certain peace officer organizations. 02/09/2015
HB 172 Relating to municipal regulation of electric stun guns, knives, and personal defense sprays. 03/24/2015
HB 209 Relating to the determination of resident status of students by public institutions of higher education. 03/03/2015
HB 142 Relating to the authority of the governing body of a local authority to impose a civil penalty for certain violations recorded by an automated traffic control system or a photographic traffic signal enforcement system. 04/30/2015
HB 1023 Relating to public school class size limits. 03/02/2015
HB 983 Relating to the repeal of the requirement that counties and municipalities offer to remove graffiti from private property free of charge before requiring the property owner to remove the graffiti. 04/28/2015
HJR 113 Proposing a constitutional amendment protecting private schools from state and local regulation. 03/23/2015
HB 2799 Relating to home-school education for foster children. 05/11/2015
HB 3948 Relating to the review of the economic impact of the immigrant investor visa program. 03/24/2015
HB 428 Relating to allowing a person who will be 18 years of age on the date of the general election for state and county officers to vote in the preceding primary elections. 04/20/2015
HJR 50 Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing certain persons under the age of 18 to vote in a primary election. 04/20/2015
HB 232 Relating to the promotion of breast-feeding and the prohibition against interference with or restriction of the right to breast-feed; creating a civil action. 05/12/2015

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