The 84th legislative session ended on June 1, 2015. See the bills that have become law.

Sen. Eddie Lucio

District 27 (D-Brownsville)


New Laws

Bill Caption Date Effective
SB 435 Relating to the powers and duties of a county treasurer. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 507 Relating to the placement and use of video cameras in self-contained classrooms or other settings providing special education services. Effective immediately
SB 458 Relating to the aerospace and aviation office of the Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office and to the aerospace and aviation advisory committee. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 459 Relating to the creation of the Advisory Council on Cultural Affairs in the office of the governor. Effective on 9/1/15
SCR 15 Commemorating the centennial of the King Ranch Main House. Signed by the Governor
SCR 16 Recognizing the Brownsville Independent School District on its 100th anniversary. Signed by the Governor
SB 797 Relating to a grant program to reduce wait times for agricultural inspections of vehicles at ports of entry along the Texas-Mexico border. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 1108 Relating to the creation of regional emergency communication districts; authorizing a fee. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 928 Relating to the abolition of the equine incentive program. Effective on 9/1/15
SCR 28 Recognizing April 2015 as Autism Awareness Month. Signed by the Governor
SB 1427 Relating to authorizing an insurer's deposit of certain money and other assets with the Texas Department of Insurance. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 1463 Relating to improving the delivery of health care services to veterans in this state. Effective immediately
SB 1389 Relating to the border commerce coordinator. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 1853 Relating to authorizing the Department of Public Safety of the State of Texas to establish a statewide program for the prevention and detection of certain criminal offenses. Effective immediately
SB 1593 Relating to regulation of the sale of fireworks by certain municipalities. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 1978 Relating to a voluntary contribution to help feed hungry Texans when a person applies for a hunting license. Effective immediately
SB 317 Relating to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Effective immediately
SCR 39 Urging Hidalgo County to reduce its tax rate upon establishment of the Hidalgo County Healthcare District. Signed by the Governor
SB 2031 Relating to the date for publication of the factors considered for admission to a new graduate and professional program. Effective immediately
SB 900 Relating to the operation of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. Effective on 9/1/15
SB 1 Relating to certain restrictions on the imposition of ad valorem taxes and to the duty of the state to reimburse certain political subdivisions for certain revenue loss; making conforming changes. See remarks for effective date

Vetoed Bills

Bill Caption Date Vetoed
SB 1408 Relating to the establishment of a matching grant program for community development in certain municipalities and counties. 06/20/2015

Pending Governor's Review

Bill Caption Last Action
SB 2034 Relating to the creation of the Cameron County Healthcare District; granting the authority to impose a tax and issue bonds; granting the power of eminent domain. Effective immediately
SB 2056 Relating to the creation of the Montgomery County Municipal Utility District No. 148; granting a limited power of eminent domain; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, and taxes. Effective immediately

Other Legislation

Bill Caption Date of Last Action
SB 421 Relating to participation of certain school districts in the three-year high school diploma plan pilot program. 02/04/2015
SB 167 Relating to the employment of certified school counselors by school districts. 01/27/2015
SB 165 Relating to the use of public school counselors' work time. 03/19/2015
SR 61 Recognizing January 28, 2015, as Brownsville Day at the State Capitol. 01/28/2015
SR 1021 Recognizing June 1, 2015, as "El Dia de la Guayabera" and Guayabera Day in Texas. 06/01/2015
SR 1047 Recognizing Samuel Williams Jones for his work on behalf of citizens in Mexico and Cameron County. 05/30/2015
SR 1046 Recognizing Dominga Sanchez Reyes on the occasion of her 90th birthday. 05/30/2015
SB 838 Relating to the functions of the Office of Immigration and Refugee Affairs, the Governor's Advisory Committee on Immigration and Refugees, and the use of the state's disaster contingency fund for purposes related to immigration and refugees. 05/24/2015
SJR 48 Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the issuance of additional obligations to provide financial assistance to counties for roadways to serve border colonias. 05/19/2015
SB 164 Relating to a notification requirement if a school counselor is not assigned to a public school campus in certain school districts. 05/04/2015
SB 1803 Relating to route designation for the issuance of a permit for the movement of oversize and overweight vehicles in certain counties. 04/30/2015
SB 1377 Relating to competitive bidding requirements for emergency services districts. 04/22/2015
SB 1671 Relating to the employment status of certain individuals engaged in rehabilitative work-training programs. 03/23/2015
SB 1500 Relating to an electric utility surcharge to assist owners of certain historic structures with electric bill payments and to promote energy conservation and efficiency. 03/19/2015
SB 1371 Relating to imposing a tax on certain sweetened beverages and ingredients used to make certain sweetened beverages; providing a penalty. 03/18/2015
SB 954 Relating to the establishment of school district policies regarding the marketing and commercial advertising of food products on school property. 03/09/2015
SR 242 Celebrating March 3, 2015, as Port Isabel Day. 02/23/2015
SB 436 Relating to the amount of financial assistance paid to the survivors of certain law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public employees killed in the line of duty. 02/09/2015
SB 1423 Relating to the use of municipal hotel occupancy taxes by certain municipalities for ecological and space exploration-related tourism. 03/18/2015
SR 69 Recognizing the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Octaviano "Tony" Gonzalez Health Science Center. 01/28/2015
SB 1976 Relating to the establishment and administration of a program designed to increase the availability of affordable housing. 03/25/2015
SR 212 Recognizing February 26, 2015, as King Ranch Day. 02/23/2015
SR 49 Welcoming William Soto Santiago and Leon Horn to the State Capitol. 01/26/2015
SB 166 Relating to the jurisdiction and powers of and the referral of certain proceedings to a criminal law hearing officer in Cameron County. 01/27/2015
SR 92 Recognizing Romana Barreda on the occasion of her 100th birthday. 02/03/2015
SR 142 Recognizing February 11, 2015, as Harlingen-San Benito Day. 02/10/2015
SB 537 Relating to a fee imposed as a condition of community supervision for certain sexual offenses involving a child victim. 02/18/2015
SR 151 Recognizing February 11, 2015, as Mid-Valley Day. 02/11/2015
SB 560 Relating to procedures involving truancy and other fine-only misdemeanors committed by children. 02/18/2015
SB 649 Relating to the determination of an experience-rated employer's eligibility for a surplus credit rate under the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act. 02/24/2015
SR 391 Recognizing the HubPhest Cook-Off in Pharr. 03/18/2015
SR 257 Recognizing Lucy E. Elizardi on the occasion of her retirement. 02/25/2015
SR 258 In memory of Enrique Escobedo Jr. 02/25/2015
SR 231 Recognizing Jeannette Marie Rivera on the occasion of her retirement. 02/23/2015
SR 221 Recognizing Juan Osorio Ortiz for being named Mr. Amigo 2014. 02/23/2015
SR 213 Recognizing February 26, 2015, as Javelina Day. 02/23/2015
SR 211 Recognizing the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Affordable Housing Program. 02/23/2015
SR 272 In memory of Ruben H. Edelstein. 03/02/2015
SB 1311 Relating to the office of water and the water advisory committee in the Department of Agriculture. 03/18/2015
SB 1109 Relating to emergency response districts; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds. 03/16/2015
SR 316 In memory of Miguel A. Pena. 03/04/2015
SR 315 In memory of Charles Martinez Jr. 03/04/2015
SR 314 In memory of Blanca Sanchez Vela. 03/04/2015
SB 1119 Relating to a pilot project to evaluate the use of telepractice to provide certain services to children and adults with an autism spectrum disorder. 03/16/2015
SB 1586 Relating to disposition of certain unclaimed money by local telephone exchange companies. 03/23/2015
SB 1591 Relating to certain comprehensive development agreements of the Texas Department of Transportation or a regional mobility authority. 03/23/2015
SB 1567 Relating to the applicability to open-enrollment charter schools of certain laws regarding local governments and political subdivisions. 04/28/2015
SB 1370 Relating to a court reporter for the county court at law in Kleberg County. 03/18/2015
SB 1424 Relating to the administration and oversight of overweight corridors; authorizing a fee. 04/30/2015
SJR 49 Proposing a constitutional amendment mandating the legislature to require candidates for public elective office in this state to undergo drug screening. 03/18/2015
SB 1422 Relating to the establishment of an infrastructure improvement council by the Rio Grande Regional Water Authority; providing authority to impose a voluntary assessment. 05/05/2015
SB 1508 Relating to reimbursement of county expenses for certain special elections. 03/23/2015
SB 1627 Relating to state and local planning for and responses to drought. 03/23/2015
SB 1584 Relating to positive behavioral interventions and supports for students enrolled in public school who receive special education services. 05/14/2015
SB 1498 Relating to job performance on behalf of a fire fighter or police officer during illness or injury. 04/15/2015
SB 1499 Relating to longevity pay for peace officers and firefighters in certain municipalities. 05/19/2015
SB 1616 Relating to the composition of the Texas Water Development Board. 03/23/2015
SB 1592 Relating to the designation of certain customer bill payment assistance program costs as an expense of operation that is a first lien against revenue securing certain public securities or obligations in certain municipalities. 03/23/2015
SB 1569 Relating to the applicability of certain immunity and liability laws to open-enrollment charter schools. 05/11/2015
SB 1372 Relating to authorizing certain current and former members of the state legislature to conduct a marriage ceremony. 03/18/2015
SB 1568 Relating to the issuance of interest-bearing time warrants by school districts. 05/22/2015
SB 1617 Relating to municipal regulation of passenger transportation for compensation. 03/23/2015
SB 1379 Relating to an exemption from ad valorem taxation of structures used primarily to store implements of husbandry. 04/22/2015
SB 1566 Relating to the issuance of Our Lady of Guadalupe specialty license plates. 03/23/2015
SB 1570 Relating to the use of the compensatory education allotment for a school district's school guidance and counseling program. 03/23/2015
SJR 50 Proposing a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to exempt from ad valorem taxation structures used to store certain implements of husbandry. 04/22/2015
SB 1578 Relating to the first and last days of instruction and the number of hours in a school day at a public school. 03/23/2015
SB 1375 Relating to authorizing certain border counties and municipalities in those counties to regulate land development; providing a penalty. 03/18/2015
SB 1390 Relating to improving the accountability of local workforce development boards and consumer information regarding job training programs. 03/18/2015
SB 1374 Relating to requiring that certain strategic plans of certain state agencies include the goals of reducing the incidence of food insecurity, poor nutrition, and diet-related disease in this state. 03/18/2015
SB 1376 Relating to natural disaster housing recovery. 05/26/2015
SB 1506 Relating to the amount of the fee paid by a defendant for a peace officer's services in executing or processing an arrest warrant, capias, or capias pro fine. 03/23/2015
SB 1388 Relating to cooperation with federal agencies on a guest worker program in this state. 03/18/2015
SB 1382 Relating to regulation of prescribed pediatric extended care centers; amending a provision subject to a criminal penalty. 03/18/2015
SB 1425 Relating to the Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority. 03/18/2015
SB 1421 Relating to the management of groundwater, including the classification of and the obtaining of information regarding groundwater and the formulation of desired future conditions by a groundwater conservation district. 03/18/2015
SB 1464 Relating to the creation of the transnational and organized crime division within the office of the attorney general. 05/19/2015
SB 1378 Relating to a drug testing requirement for a person elected to public elective office. 03/18/2015
SB 1670 Relating to the provision of affordable housing in colonias, rural communities, and small municipalities. 03/23/2015
SB 1661 Relating to abolishing the death penalty. 03/23/2015
SB 1730 Relating to the administration by the General Land Office of money allocated to this state from the national Housing Trust Fund. 03/24/2015
SB 1870 Relating to state agency rules and strategic plans guided by the principle that life begins at conception. 03/25/2015
SB 1784 Relating to information regarding the number of school counselors in public schools. 03/24/2015
SB 1805 Relating to the rate of the hotel occupancy taxes in certain counties and the use of revenue from the hotel occupancy tax by certain counties; authorizing an increase in the rate of a tax. 03/25/2015
SB 1672 Relating to the membership of school district and open-enrollment charter school concussion oversight teams. 03/23/2015
SB 1662 Relating to requiring the registration of medical laboratory science professionals; providing an administrative penalty; imposing fees. 03/23/2015
SJR 54 Proposing a constitutional amendment abolishing the death penalty. 03/23/2015
SB 1871 Relating to the establishment of the Texas Board of Behavior Analyst Examiners and the requirement to obtain a license to practice as a behavior analyst or assistant behavior analyst; imposing fees; providing an administrative penalty; creating a criminal offense. 03/25/2015
SB 1663 Relating to exempting certain water districts from review and supervision by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality of district bond packages and projects. 03/23/2015
SB 1635 Relating to the establishment and administration of a program by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs for the demolition and replacement of unsafe housing. 03/23/2015
SB 1669 Relating to the designation of an office in the Department of Agriculture to focus on matters relating to colonias. 03/23/2015
SB 1729 Relating to programs for imposing or increasing a toll on and increasing the vehicle registration fee for a commercial motor vehicle. 03/24/2015
SB 1373 Relating to the authority of a county to adopt a fire code. 03/18/2015
SJR 64 Proposing a constitutional amendment to authorize the creation of emergency response districts; providing authority to impose a tax and issue bonds. 04/30/2015
SB 1855 Relating to appeals of certain determinations by an animal control authority or certain courts. 05/12/2015
SB 1854 Relating to the exemption from ad valorem taxation of property owned by the National Hispanic Institute. 03/25/2015
SB 1636 Relating to financial assistance provided by the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation for the demolition and replacement of unsafe housing and the purchase of manufactured homes by individuals and families of very low income. 03/23/2015
SB 1869 Relating to resource awareness sessions for women seeking abortions. 03/25/2015
SB 1977 Relating to the use of hunting license fees to help feed hungry Texans. 03/25/2015
SB 1585 Relating to a study on the feasibility of establishing a prepaid investment plan or other product to help citizens of this state finance and access residential care. 05/29/2015
SB 1383 Relating to the licensing and regulation of medical laboratory science professionals; providing penalties; imposing fees. 03/18/2015
SR 366 Recognizing Norma Pimentel and the staff of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley for their humanitarian work. 03/24/2015
SB 1757 Relating to authorization for a school district board of trustees to grant charters for the establishment of certain charter schools. 03/24/2015
SB 2017 Relating to the establishment of an innovative workforce training center in the Rio Grande Valley. 03/30/2015
SB 2016 Relating to limitations on annexation by, extraterritorial jurisdiction of, and the authority to provide electric service of certain municipalities. 05/22/2015
SB 2058 Relating to food allergen awareness in food service establishments; authorizing a fee; requiring a food allergen awareness certification for certain food service employees. 04/20/2015
SR 540 In memory of Jorge Alfonso Moreno. 04/13/2015
SR 539 Recognizing Pete Sepulveda Jr. on the occasion of his appointment as Cameron County Judge. 04/13/2015
SR 541 In memory of Diamantina Ortega Bennett. 04/13/2015
SR 543 In memory of Hortencia Hinojosa Sloss. 04/13/2015
SR 526 Recognizing the First Baptist School in Brownsville on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. 04/09/2015
SR 495 In memory of Ruben Vela. 04/07/2015
SR 458 Recognizing April 4, 2015, as Harlingen Area Autism Awareness Day. 04/07/2015
SR 496 In memory of Raul Garza Jr. 04/07/2015
SR 461 Recognizing Aurora De La Garza on the occasion of her retirement. 04/07/2015
SR 494 In memory of James Allnutt Cason Jr. 04/07/2015
SR 456 Recognizing April 26, 2015, as Blue Sunday Day of Prayer in Texas. 04/07/2015
SR 497 In memory of David Mendez. 04/07/2015
SR 457 Recognizing Joe G. Rivera on the occasion of his retirement. 04/07/2015
SR 460 In memory of Evelon Dale. 04/07/2015
SR 459 Recognizing Thomas Michael Browning on the occasion of his retirement. 04/07/2015
SR 493 Recognizing Michael A. Sullenger for his service in law enforcement. 04/07/2015
SR 462 Recognizing Esteban Toledo for being named the 2015 Texas Legend for the Eddie Lucio Scholarship Fund. 05/05/2015
SR 590 In memory of Kevin Cardoza. 04/20/2015
SR 591 In memory of Eustolio Gonzales. 04/20/2015
SR 542 In memory of Cesario P. Leal. 04/13/2015
SR 631 In memory of Encarnacion Manzano Cuellar Jr. 04/27/2015
SR 630 In memory of Abel Alaniz. 04/27/2015
SB 2063 Relating to the establishment and administration of the Texas Safe Home Demonstration Program. 05/20/2015
SR 670 In memory of Jose Luis Lucio. 04/30/2015
SR 669 Recognizing Carmelo's Ristorante Italiano of Austin. 04/30/2015
SR 732 Recognizing Jacqueline Monique Morales on the occasion of her graduation from The University of Texas at Brownsville Mathematics and Science Academy. 05/06/2015
SR 748 Recognizing Mary Mendoza for being named 2015 Texas Social Worker of the Year. 05/11/2015
SR 749 Recognizing Mary Altman Yturria on the occasion of her 90th birthday. 05/11/2015
SR 747 In memory of Quirino Z. Martinez. 05/11/2015
SCR 47 Urging the United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service to select the Rio Grande Valley region as the next expansion site for the Healthy Incentives Pilot program. 05/19/2015
SR 821 Recognizing Orlando A. Correa for his service as mayor of Raymondville. 05/15/2015
SR 822 In memory of Oralia T. Villarreal. 05/15/2015
SR 820 Recognizing Roberto Pulido for his contributions to the music industry. 05/14/2015
SR 956 Recognizing Anthony Ryan Whittemore on the occasion of his graduation from the Cockrell School of Engineering. 05/22/2015
SR 1010 In memory of Guadalupe Deanda Sandoval. 05/26/2015
SR 1009 In memory of Gilberto Garza. 05/26/2015
SR 1008 Recognizing Nora de Hoyos Comstock on the occasion of her retirement. 05/26/2015
SR 1061 Suspending limitations on conference committee jurisdiction, S.B. 507. 05/31/2015
SR 1007 In memory of Alicia Cantu Gomez. 05/26/2015
SR 1004 Recognizing Rick Diaz on the occasion of his retirement. 05/26/2015
SR 1006 Recognizing the Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce for its 40 years of service. 05/26/2015
SR 1005 Recognizing Leopoldo "Polo" Palacios on the occasion of his retirement. 05/26/2015
SR 44 Recognizing The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine for receiving a grant from the United Health Foundation. 01/26/2015
SR 46 In memory of Elva Longoria Cortez. 01/26/2015
SR 114 Celebrating February 10, 2015, as South Texas Independent School District Day. 02/09/2015
SR 144 Recognizing February 10, 2015, as Rio Grande Valley Day. 02/10/2015
SR 335 Recognizing April E. Lopez for her contributions to the Rio Grande Valley. 03/10/2015
SB 626 Relating to the Hidalgo County Healthcare District; decreasing the possible maximum rate of a tax. 05/11/2015
SR 45 In memory of Scott Crane. 01/26/2015
SB 1348 Relating to the operations of health care funding districts in certain counties located on the Texas-Mexico border. 04/23/2015
SB 1866 Relating to an award program to recognize school nutrition program excellence. 03/25/2015
SR 271 Recognizing February 25, 2015, as Coastal Bend Day. 02/25/2015
SB 1165 Relating to the express preemption of regulation of oil and gas operations and the exclusive jurisdiction of those operations by the state. 05/05/2015
SR 555 Recognizing the eighth class of the Senator Gregory Luna Legislative Scholars and Fellows Program. 04/16/2015
SCR 29 Urging Congress to update Voting Rights Act provisions to protect against voter discrimination. 03/23/2015
SB 694 Relating to authorizing patients with certain terminal illnesses to access certain investigational drugs, biological products, and devices that are in clinical trials. 05/20/2015
SB 1340 Relating to the photographic enforcement of traffic laws. 03/24/2015
SR 519 Recognizing April 8, 2015, as Texas Home School Day. 04/08/2015
SJR 1 Proposing a constitutional amendment increasing the amount of the residence homestead exemption from ad valorem taxation for public school purposes and providing for a reduction of the limitation on the total amount of ad valorem taxes that may be imposed for those purposes on the homestead of an elderly or disabled person to reflect the increased exemption amount, authorizing the legislature to prohibit a political subdivision that has adopted an optional residence homestead exemption from ad valorem taxation from reducing the amount of or repealing the exemption, and prohibiting the enactment of a law that imposes a transfer tax on a transaction that conveys fee simple title to real property. 06/01/2015
SB 7 Relating to the computation of and to decreasing the rates of the franchise tax. 05/12/2015
SB 8 Relating to the total revenue exemption for the franchise tax. 05/05/2015
SR 398 Extending condolences to the families of the missing students from Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, Mexico. 03/19/2015

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